Task Forces and Working Groups

The NAIC-ISAO recognizes the impact


that task forces and working groups can have in shaping discussions on specific topics.  We believe that critical topics should be openly discussed and viewed from a global perspective as these are priority areas world wide. The NAIC-ISAO provides a platform to view existing problems through a broad lens, allowing for dynamic discussions and creative solutions. Members with a passion for the topics and a vision for how cybersecurity and AI can make a difference in these areas can come together to drive the change.


Through the collective expertise and dedication of our working groups, the U.S. National AI and Cybersecurity ISAO shapes the future of AI and cybersecurity, domestically and internationally. From shaping policy in Washington DC to fostering global partnerships within our NATO allies, from anticipating the quantum frontier to safeguarding critical infrastructures, our task forces are at the forefront of thought leadership. Join us, and be part of this transformative journey.

Michael Thiessmeier

Co-Founder and Executive Director, U.S. National AI and Cybersecurity ISAO

Events and council meetings

We will be posting Task Force and Working Group Meeting details here as we move forward.

Research and Reports

Research and Reports from the NAIC-ISAO Task Forces and Working Groups will be made accessible via this link as they are made available. 

Task Force:  Critical Infrastructure


To improve the cybersecurity posture of the United States and NATO member countries critical infrastructure within the midmarket, this includes both public and private entities. 

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Task Force:  Quantum Critical Threshold 


To help society to anticipate and take precautionary measures in the face of the imminent crisis commonly referred to as “Quantum Apocalypse”, when most of the world encryption systems become vulnerable to Cybercriminal state actors and private criminal organizations equipped with (or being able to timeshare) Quantum Computers.

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Tortora Brayda Institute for Partnership Excellence drives thought leadership by uniting in partnership the shapers of cyber security from government, industry and academia to shape the global evolution of cyber space in a manner that advances our conjoined economic and security interests.

• Commercial operationalization of multi-vendor strategic alliances

• Leveraging joint channels

• Stimulate growth and business innovation in cyber security

• Promoting and deploying cyber security in corporations, consistent with the President’s EO and the NIST Framework

• AI and cyber security – The alignment, opportunity and go-to-market, and help to reduce the human capital needs and overcome the shortage in the Cyber domain though enhanced automation

• Operationalize the go to market for artificial intelligence and cyber security convergence

• Leveraging distribution for the long tail

• Successful white space penetration strategies through channel

• How distribution is adapting to the new normal

• Effective partner transformation: from on premise to subscription

• Broadening your partner ecosystem

• Making partner marketing work

• Cutting through the noise: standing out in your partner’s vendor portfolio

• Promoting and deploying cyber security in state government

• Working with government cyber security partners

• Working with private sector cyber security partners

• Reducing the gender gap in cyber security

• Reducing the Cyber personal Human Capital Gap in the Domain

• Protect cutting edge cyber security technologies from reverse engineering

• Support the government to develop partnerships within like-minded countries with industry, civil society, and other stakeholders to advance the cyber security agenda, human rights and Internet freedom globally

• Promote and accelerate international cyber security business by leveraging channel relationships

• Partnering between industry and academia to build and accelerate the effectiveness of new cyber security talent

• Providing fast tracking and funding facilitation for cyber security innovators

• Value proposition development, improve messaging for collaboration between Government and Industry

• Building trust in (public/private) partnerships

• How to slow down growth in the cybercrime black market and the Dark Web through partnerships

• Leverage FED/SLED procurement to stimulate innovative cyber security vendors

• Use compliant channel to build capacity and improve cyber defense within allies

• National security considerations in international strategic alliances

• Promoting and deploying cyber security in allied foreign governments

• Support commercial organizations in providing services and technology to allied governments

• Align private sector innovation with the needs of NATO