Founder and Executive Chairman

Carlo Tortora Brayda di Belvedere

Carlo Tortora Brayda di Belvedere, born in Rome, Italy, in 1969, is the Founder and Executive Chairman of Tortora Brayda Institute for AI & Cybersecurity, a global Think Tank to promote private/public collaboration and industrial innovation and development. 

Mr. Tortora Brayda is the former Chief Executive Officer of Gorilla Corporation a leading global B2B Marketing Agency and partner development company responsible for the successful growth of hundreds of significant technology companies and Fortune 100 names. 

His earliest work with the United Nations was as a Volunteer in the Office of the United Nations Special Committee Against Apartheid in Geneva Switzerland. Shortly after that time, he met with former United Nations Secretary-General Boutros Boutros Ghali and subsequently Kofi Annan several times. These were profoundly formative meetings focusing on the role of public-private partnerships, Entrepreneurship, and their role in international development. 
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Non-Profit Work in Africa and Working with the World Economic Forum

In 2003, he created Alchemy World Projects, an Ethiopian based Non Governmental Organization aimed at poverty alleviation through entrepreneurship and coordination with the government on private sector development. The program was successful and lifted thousands of people out of poverty, into employability and small-medium enterprise development. During this time he was appointed Advisor on Trade and Industry to the former Federal President, Girma Wolde-Ghiorgis.  He also fulfilled an advisory role in Entrepreneurship development and Foreign Direct Investment to several Regional Presidents, in particular the President of Amhara State, the historical heartland of Ethiopia, covering more than 20 million inhabitants. 

Due to this track record in development he was selected by the World Economic Forum to be a Special Constituent Member, and to take an active role in the Forum for Africa held usually in Cape Town, South Africa.  During this time he engaged numerous leaders of other African nations looking to develop their private sector and drive forward entrepreneurship, as well as private sector actors like Microsoft and UN Agencies, namely UNICEFILO (International Labor Organization), ITU (International Telecommunications Union) and UNDP (United Nations Development Program). 

Carlo was asked to speak at several United Nations Summits, including the World Summit for Information Society, and the United Nations International Telecommunication Union. He is currently a United Nations ITU Judge for AI for Good Innovations, in partnership with World Bank, the International Atomic Energy Agency, and UNESCO, and is active within UNFCCC and COP28.
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Back to technology

In 2010 he returned to the business of technology, creating Gorilla Corporation and going down a path of Mergers and Acquisitions. In the ongoing spirit of Public to Private Partnerships, he signed Gorilla Corporation to be a Sector D Member of the ITU to be at the forefront of internet policymaking and standardization. 
After his move to Silicon Valley, California, to spearhead Technology Partner Development, he was invited by the World Economic Forum to be an expert contributor to a panel in support of the G20 to explore Global Risks in 2012. Since then, his only focus has been on supporting Partnership Excellence in all its forms within all areas of technology growth, including the Think Tank’s core tracks: Cybersecurity and Artificial Intelligence. 

The work he started with Alchemy World Projects now continues with Enterprising Ethiopia and the “Defend the Lion” Initiative for Conservation and Eco-Entrepreneurship.
An information systems engineer with focus on Artificial Intelligence, and with his subsequent companies, Carlo won numerous business awards, including the Forbes Technology Awards for his Cybersecurity work, the Shell Livewire Young Entrepreneur of the Year, South East of England, Shell Livewire Greatest Employment Potential, Oxfordshire Business of the Year Award presented by Boris Johnson, Guildford Mayor’s Cup. He was honored to join Queen Elizabeth II Golden Coronation private event at St James’ Palace in London.  Carlo is a Fellow of the British Computer Society and a Freeman of the City of London. He is listed in Who's Who Publications and is in the Top 100 Thought Leaders for Cybersecurity, Top 50 Thought Leaders for National Security and Top 100 for Sustainability.  

Carlo comes from an ancient and prominent Italian family. He is the Marquess of Belvedere, Marquess of San Giuliano, Duke della Chiusa, Duke of Forli, Count of Policastro, Baron of Tortora, Baron of Teverola, Lord of Belvedere, Palmoli, Fratta Piccola, Molfetta, Sapri, Le Boccati.  Carlo is Uncle to the Solomonic Princes, Their Imperial Highnesses, Yokshan and Joel Makonnen Haile Selassie, in the Royal succession of the Ethiopian throne. 
Work aside, he has a keen interest in history and analytic idealist philosophy. Carlo is also a devoted husband and father of three wonderful children. He resides in the San Francisco Bay Area and the South of France.
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By bringing together the best minds in academia, the private sector, and government we are able to forge new paths for a better, safer, and more sustainable world.

Carlo Tortora Brayda di Belvedere

Founder and Chairman