The Human Talent Gap In Cybersecurity and Artificial Intelligence

The Human Talent Gap In Cybersecurity and Artificial Intelligence

In the light of the recent cyber security breaches, and the concerns that follow from a national security
perspective, the crisis in the human talent gap in cybersecurity and artificial intelligence must remain at
the top of every agenda.
Despite many initiatives already undertaken by a variety of organizations, the problem seems to be
It is therefore imperative that a concerted multi-stakeholder effort be rejuvenated, through the efforts of
our organization by bringing together academia, private sector and government to help develop fresh
ideas and to carve an actionable path forward, through newly forged partnerships.
Some of the issues we may be exploring could include:
  • Private and Public sector career intake, are the options clearly understood by students and faculty already at high school level?
  • Could degree programs be better designed to meet the needs of industry?
  • To what extent can AI help resolve the issue, can robotic process automation help reduce the job shortage?
  • Should we expand and promote the concept of apprenticeships?
  • Should the hiring process be readjusted to look for practical skills rather than academic degrees?
  • How do we ensure that diversity and inclusion are at the top of companies’ hiring agendas?
We are at a pivotal point to start shining our flashlight in the direction we want to see for the future of our
children. The future happens faster than we think. We would like to foster this thought-provoking dialog in
a multi-stakeholder context. Tortora Brayda Partnership Excellence would be honored to have you join as
a valued participant in this discussion and hope that you would share your insights with us.
We have selected the World Café format for this meeting. World Café is an innovative methodology that
breaks away from the traditional podium driven conference format and is designed to tackle complex
multi-stakeholder problems. Focus on solutions through cross-pollination of ideas and the production of
actionable outcomes, all done in a manner that is highly energizing for the participants. World Café format
is widely used by the United Nations, the World Economic Forum, and some major corporations.
We would need you to access our conference platform from the comfort of your home or office, armed
with a cup of coffee and cookies or a drink of your choice. You will be speaking to peer level stakeholders
from government, academia, civil society, or industry (vendors and ecosystem partners). Please be
prepared to be vocal, the discussions will be in small rotating groups and will all tie up in a final plenary.
The session is highly dynamic and is designed to ease the creation of new friendships and new
partnerships. Typically, participants walk away with new ideas and actionable steps, as well as being
credited as an expert contributor to the published report.

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26 January 2021


11:00 AM - 12:30 PM EST


World Cafe'


The Human Talent Gap In Cyber Security and Artificial Intelligence

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