AI/RPA Council Automated Government & Digital Democracy

AI/RPA Council Automated Government & Digital Democracy

With the ever-accelerating pace of computing power and AI/RPA sophistication, with singularity and quantum computing within reach during the lifetime of the new generation, we can expect seismic shifts in our implementations of AI and RPA. The process of government can become highly, if not entirely, automated. Politicians could be replaced by AI machines with algorithms prescribed by the electorate. Is that a future we want to envisage, if so, what partnerships do we need to cultivate to support that in a controlled manner? 

  • Should a future automated Government exist, what moral and ethical framework should it conform to?
  • Should it be designed in a bipartisan way, could a framework transcend country boundaries?
  • Should we have a global framework supported by the United Nations in the same way we have a United Nations Charter or Declaration of Human Rights?
  • If we don’t want to see AI in control of our countries, how do we put the brakes on?
  • What partnerships would be needed to steer against AI in Government?

We are at a pivotal point to start shining our flashlight in the direction we want to see for the future of our children.  The future happens faster than we think. We would like to foster this thought-provoking dialog in a multi-stakeholder context.  Tortora Brayda Partnership Excellence™ would be honored to have you join as a valued participant in this discussion and hope that you would share your insights with us.

We have selected the World Café format for this meeting. World Café is an innovative methodology that breaks away from the traditional podium driven conference format and is designed to tackle complex multi-stakeholder problems. Focus on solutions through cross-pollination of ideas and the production of actionable outcomes, all done in a manner that is highly energizing for the participants. World Café format is widely used by the United Nations, the World Economic Forum, and some major corporations.

We would need you to access our conference platform from the comfort of your home or office, armed with a cup of coffee and cookies or a drink of your choice. You will be speaking to peer level stakeholders from government, academia, civil society, or industry (vendors and ecosystem partners).  Please be prepared to be vocal, the discussions will be in small rotating groups and will all tie up in a final plenary.

The session is highly dynamic and is designed to ease the creation of new friendships and new partnerships. Typically, participants walk away with new ideas and actionable steps, as well as being credited as an expert contributor to the published report.

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28 October 2020


11:00 AM - 3:00 PM EST


World Cafe'


AI/RPA Council Automated Government & Digital Democracy

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