National Cyber Workforce

and Education Strategy

Roundtable Discussion

Sponsored by The Tortora Brayda Institute and the Association of US Cyber Forces

Introduction: The rapidly evolving landscape of cybersecurity and the growing demand for skilled cyber professionals have prompted the Biden-Harris Administration to unveil the National Cyber Workforce and Education Strategy (NCWES). This groundbreaking strategy aims to address immediate and long-term cyber workforce needs, emphasizing the importance of filling numerous cyber job vacancies nationwide. To explore the implications and implementation of the NCWES, The Tortora Brayda Institute and the Association of US Cyber Forces are co-hosting a roundtable discussion that will bring together experts, stakeholders, and thought leaders from various sectors.

Objective: The roundtable discussion will delve into the critical aspects of the NCWES and explore its potential impact on the cybersecurity landscape. The overarching goal is to foster collaboration, innovation, and comprehensive insights for successful implementation of the strategy's guiding imperatives. By engaging experts in cybersecurity, education, government, industry, and academia, this event will facilitate meaningful conversations on the NCWES's implications for education, workforce development, diversity and inclusion, and federal cyber initiatives.

Download the Interview Report here.                                                           

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 Download the Overview and Recommendations Report Here.

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20 September 2023


10:00 AM PDT

11:00 AM MDT

12:00 PM CDT

01:00 PM EDT


Round Table Discussion


Cyber Security

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